Welcome in our new division - SPECIAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

In response to large number of questions about the realisation of individual projects, and new ideas we created a division dedictated to develop and produce generally every product made of metal, polyamides and composits. We own modern machinery park, based on CNC machines, coventional machines, 4-axis Hypertherm plasma cut with abbility of cutting round and rectangular pipes. We also have acces to laser and water-jet. In over 30 years of existance of our company we got wide know-how, and a lot of contacts in different sectors of industry. We can produce high-end and middle-end elements even in 0,01mm precision.  Parts made of steel are often cover with powder coating, and aluminium is usually finished with anodisation.

In this section we present provided services, and selected products made by our company not only in astronomical field, but also in mechanics and machines construction, devices for movie productions, sport equipment, or even achitecture and lots of different techincal branches. We like new challenges and we want to have rich and richer portfolio. We look forward to take every intresting task, and hope you will contact us: uniwersal.k@gmail.com

We offer services of machining, plasma cutting and wire cut. Wisit out SERVICES category.


No products in this category

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