2.2m remote observatory dome in Bulgaria near Sofia

2.2m observatory dome was established in Bulgaria near Sofia. Dome is controlled remotely . All elements are provided by our company including configuration of the dome software and installation so the customer recive turnkey observatory.

Our observatory is  a very professional dome that is delivered to customer and already assembled. After We bring the dome to its place its only to connect power supply and internet to the dome.



Mostly We also deliver computer and  equipment for it so all programs are installed and ready to be use. Mostly its Quad Core Pentium processor from Intel and Lenovo architecture. We have noticed that this is a very good combination when its extremely hot and extremely cold. Monitor schould be at least 22 inch with full hd resolution because when running many programs We have nice overwiev.



Of course dome can be connected to any cloud watcher by hardware and also can be connected to AAG Cloudwatcher from Lunatico ( Spain ). Dome software reads the data from weather sensor and if it generates unsafe condition dome will close automatically , even when user will rty to open it will stay closed.



For remote control We recommend to install Ip relay card made by our company to ensure smaller power consumption and when some device will need to be restarted hard way.



Zakład Optyki Instrumentalnej "U N I W E R S A Ł"
ul. Poniatowskiego 9,
34-300 Żywiec

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