2.2m observatory dome in Italy - Lajatico Center once again

Astronomy is  a great part of science where we can learn all about universe and watch stars , planets and other objects that can be seen in a very large magnification when we have good equpiment.

During summer of 2016 we have delivered 2.2m dome to one of the astro professionals in astro photography in Italy near Pisa. Its a  very nice situated area with very small light pollution . This is a one of the advantages of having remote observatory - you can make remote observations without any problems without going out of your house.



Basic thing is to have solid contruction and perfect solutions for power supply and internet supply. When power is off or internet is too slow or we use connection dome software detect it automatically and is making closing procedure (goto home and close the shutter).


Other thing is to have reliable shutter and rotation system that can work for many years without andy problems . Uniwersal domes are very stable and base on metal base  , metal bearings and metal gear teeths. All together give a prefect solution to the customer who want to have a highest quality dome. Maximum power consumtion for this dome when operating is 160 W RMS together with computer ,so this is a very low consumption and we can use for emergeny power supply UPS that have arroud 1000W capacity .This give us guarantee dome will always be closed when something will happend to the internet or power line.


When We close the dome it is nice that dome software can park the telescope just after ''close'' sensor is ticked. All goto systems have possibility to park telescope . This function is of course available in Uniwersal dome software and we can choose few methods of how to park our telescope.


Dome rotation is controlled by power inverter device - speed is controlled by frequency , also the acceleration and deacceleration.  For the home position it is nessesary to check if the upper connector have the right speed to connect with lower connector . Once we fing this value it will be used all the time.

Zakład Optyki Instrumentalnej "U N I W E R S A Ł"
ul. Poniatowskiego 9,
34-300 Żywiec

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